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Skier Ability

Skier Type -I
For skiers who desire lower release/retention settings than Type I and will further increase the risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased releasability in a fall..

Skier Type I
Cautious skiing at lighter release/retention settings
Ski conservatively prefer slower speeds
Favor lower than average release/retention settings
Type I settings apply to: "Entry level skiers uncertain of their classification"

Skier Type II
Moderate skiing at average release/retention settings
Ski moderately prefer a variety of speeds
Ski on varied terrain, including most difficult trails
Type II Skiers are all skiers who do not meet all the descriptions of either Type I or Type III

Skier Type III
Aggressive skiing at higher release/retention settings
Ski aggressively normally at high speeds
Prefers steeper and more challenging terrain
Favor higher than average release/retention settings

Skier Type III+
For skiers who desire higher release/retention settings than Type III and will further decrease releasability in a fall in order to gain decreased risk of inadvertent binding release.



Skier - if this person is renting ski equipment
Snowboard Regular - if this person is renting snowboard equipment and their stance is Left Foot Forward.
Snowboard Goofy - if this person is renting snowboard equipment and their stance is Right Foot Forward.
Snowboard Unsure - if this person is renting snowboard equipment and they are unsure if their stance is Regular or Goofy.